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Kitten feeding from bottle 

Our Donation Programs 

We have several donation opportunities to allow you to help is in our mission of adopting as many pets as possible. 

Heal-A-Heart Veterinary Care Fund

Many dogs and cats that come to the ARC are in need to veterinary care for minor complications such as kidney infections, respiratory illness, urinary infections and small wounds.

Your donation to the Heal-A-Heart fund changes an animal's life by providing access to care and medications -- and a chance at a normal life.

Sponsor-A-Heart Adoption Fund

The ARC takes in thousands of animals each year. Some of our animal are long-term and at-risk. Donations to the Sponsor-A-Heart Adoption fund allow us to offer many long-term animals at no fee. Every donation gives an opportunity for a pet to go home and another to enter the adoption hallway. 

How to Donate 

Thank you so much for considering donating! We can accept cash or credit card. Here's how to do it:

  • In-person: Come to the ARC and donate at our front desk.
  • Mail: Send a check to 3412 Loop 197 North, Texas City, TX 77590.
  • Online: Click the buttons below to make credit card or PayPal donations
  • PayPal:  

    Please specify Heal-A-Heart, Sponsor-A-Heart or General Donation when making your donation.


    Items To Consider Donating

    We all wear out our towels. Some get fringy at the ends, some get dingy or discolored, and some get holes in them. Guess what? The animals don't care! Often, animals are brought in wet or cold. Sometimes, they just want something to lie on. Towels are very versatile. They can be used as blankets, be used to dry a wet animal, or be used to clean messes the animals make at the shelter.

    Old blankets
    These can be used similar to the towels. They can be cut up to use in cages with smaller animals, or left whole for the larger animals. All of them love things to lay on. People often throw these away, but shelters love them. Check yard sales, too. Often, people sell them very cheap.

    Dog food, cat food, or any other kind of animal food for the animals your shelter takes in. Sometimes, when the budget is stretched, food is needed badly. Consider using coupons or sales to get food at a discounted price to donate. Both unopened bags of dry and canned food can be used. Full bellies make animals happier in a scary situation.

    Treats are often on sale at stores, and can be purchased cheap. Both dogs and cats look forward to these treats whenever they can get them. Most any kind is appreciated. Rawhide bones are also well loved.

    Bathroom rug sets
    Tired of your rug sets? Ready for new ones? Have old ones stored that you never use? Cats love them to lay on. Rugs can be used for a kitty sized bed. They don't even care if they are stained or "dated".

    If you were alone in a cage, wouldn't you want something to play with? Animal toys are often overlooked, and they wear out fast. Squeaky toys, stuffed animals and even balls are played with by our furry friends.

    Liquid Laundry detergent
    Those blankets, towels and things have to be washed. Liquid laundry detergent, if not donated, comes out of the shelter's budget.

    Grooming items
    Animals need to be bathed, brushed, and taken care of. Items to help groom them are not often donated. Sometimes, you can get these things from a dollar store cheap. Brushes, combs, shampoos, even animal nail clippers are useful items.

    Dog beds
    A soft place to lay and relax. Comfort is important. Contact ARC at 409-948-2485 for detailed information types of dog beds needed.

    Leashes and collars
    ARC often uses them to walk animals, and they also often give them away with adoptions, so they are always in short supply. They aren't very expensive and all sizes are needed and used.

    Lots of us have newspapers. Newspapers can line the bottoms of cages for puppies and kittens. It is something that takes little effort to collect, but makes a lot of difference. Imagine how often those papers need to be changed! If you get the paper daily, why not set them aside in a box or something similar and take them every so often to ARC?