What to know before you come to the lab and x-ray department:

You must have an appointment to visit the lab and x-ray department. Your primary care provider must preapprove your visit to the lab. Your primary care provider must evaluate and place the proper orders prior to your visit.

Patients may call 409.938.2234 option 3, to leave a message for your provider to obtain preapproval for your lab or x-ray appointment. Requests for lab work can also be made using your patient portal.


Testing services

Most tests ordered by your primary care provider fall under “routine lab work”, which can include blood draws and urine collection.


What to expect

The lab is generally the busiest in the morning before 11 a.m. Unless you are required to fast, it is best to schedule an appointment during the afternoon.

· Fasting recommendations:

If a provider requests fasting labs, we ask that you not eat or drink anything after midnight before the day of the appointment. This will give at least a minimum of an eight-hour fast; eight hours is good, 12 hours is best. Patients can drink water during this fasting period and is highly recommended. Black coffee, without anything added, is also acceptable, but water is preferred

· Drop offs:

Drop offs should be scheduled to save a delay in service. Otherwise, patients should drop off specimens in the afternoon between 1-4 p.m. Without a scheduled appointment delays may occur as we honor scheduled appointments first. Saturday drop-off hours are 8-11 a.m., by appointment only.

· FIT kits:

Fecal Occult Kit are to be collected at home and brought back to the clinic. See Hours of Operation for drop-off times.

Specimens collected by the patient at home will require a date of collection to be written on the specimen. Specimens will be labeled on the container prior to leaving the lab.


Lab billing

LabCorp will process a claim to your insurance company for patients with private insurance.



Allow up to a week for your primary care provider to review your results. The patient portal is available to access your lab results online. Share your email address with the front desk to register.